DaVonda Simmons is a dynamic vocalist who has been dazzling audiences for years with her “drop dead gorgeous voice”. One who evokes a smile in your heart and caresses you with the radiant warmth of her style. Her vocal artistry and commanding stage presence colors any performance with enthusiasm and elegance. Whether it’s sultry jazz, Broadway melodies, finger snapping R&B, or the latest hits, her vocal mastery transcends artistic mediums with sophistication and heartfelt emotion.

“My words cannot do justice to the reality of watching her move on stage – of hearing her phenomenal vocal instrument – or of being touched by the acting expertise she renders in her vocal styling."

“She has an unbelievable voice, a great stage presence, and she is a delight to work with. Audiences love her and always enjoy hearing her sing. There is no one better!”

“A fantastic singer, yeah...but her energy and presence take it to a whole ‘nother level...”

“Occasionally there comes along an artist that commands your attention. A sound that seems to transcend any genre. One that causes the audience to pause and take notice.”

“Not knowing what pleasures she will bring next to the microphone leaves you with anticipation.”

DaVonda has assembled a cast of amazingly versatile musicians in her ensemble D.S.B. Together, their richly textured sound promises any listener a tantalizing and unforgettable experience. From sweet and saucy jazz to the grooves of fun and funk, D.S.B delivers!

“DaVonda and D.S.B gave a wonderful performance and made the audience “beg” for more.” Your performance certainly exceeded our expectations and set a new standard…”

“We routinely rely on her to provide the musical entertainment for this black-tie event which requires a great deal of innovation and creativity…”

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